the explanation center of Pezenas architecture

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Inside Peyrat hotel, place des Etats Généraux du Languedoc in Pezenas, there is a permanent exhibition about architecture and patrimoine of Languedoc. Over two floors, discover the architecture of Languedoc and history of the vineyards, through times. It provides keys for exploring and understanding the locality.

You'll learn about Pezenas history, but also Montagnac's. The templers dried Pezenas waters and two cities came out : Pezenas and Montagnac. The Herault was the natural border between Catholic Pezenas and Protestant Montagnac. Languedoc states meet in Pezenas and make it Languedoc capital. Upon XIXth century, vineyards become the wealth of the city. In 1868 phyloxera destroys every vineyard in France, but only reaches Languedoc 7 years later, which makes the wealth of many families. Wine crisis of 1807 stops the extension of the cities. Each village creates a cooperative for the wine. After 1960 a policy of territory management is installed.

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