Le piano du lac

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Since 2015, the musical troupe has already given 70 representations for more than 16.000 spectators. On august 24th, PianO du lac was in Octon on Salagou lake.


Imagine being on the edge of a lake, in a beautiful sightseeing, when suddenly, coming from nowhere, arrive a pianist, a dancer, a flute... All of these in an organised play, act on a raft a show that could be by the Cirque du Soleil. This is the Piano du Lac concept.

It was created by La volière aux pianos and Philippe Séranne and is made of many artists who ally the beauty of a scenery to music and songs. Just don't be sitted next to people who don't stop chatting like if they were in front of their TV.

 Florence de Martino


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